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ImNewHere: I'd like to see a picture of you in crossplay before I pass judgment, but some things I'd suggest right now would be: a really, really close shave. Double lather, buy an electric if you have too, but if we can see that mustache shadow, it won't work. Second, wig up man. Third, pluck those caterpillars. They've a nice shape, but they could use some thinning. Third, eyeliner would really help bring out those lovely eyes of yours!

Berrymon: L is a difficult character to crossplay as (believe me, I've done it!), mainly because so many girls crossplay as him that people (including me) are shocked when they see a real male L, so you have that working against you. I'd like to see if you in a different crossplay, or maybe even just straight up drag kinging (see my photos). Apart from that, I really think you can pass! Your only real problem is your uber-girly haircut, so I'd recommend hats, baseball or beanie (but only beanies with brims!). And I really think you can pass as Sasuke. You actually look quite a bit like him!

LaraVine: I'm afraid I really can't say anything about your crossplay because the pictures are so shooped within an inch of their life that I can't tell how successful it was. However, your 'without makeup' picture fills me with hope for future crossplays.
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