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Angry D-

Name of Commissioner: Human_Go
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Zelda: Twilight Princess
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline: from June to September
Pros: Great quality, nice fabric, not cheap. Somewhat good communication.
Cons: I contact them in June, asking for my commission. I needed it by September, for the convention. They say it will cost more, but I don't mind and they agree that they can make it in time. I have to contact them in order to get progress, and they should naturally do that as a commissioner, right? They answer me, saying it is almost finished, within a month. I trust that they are being truth-full. By mid August, what's the deal? it's been 3 weeks from the time they said they were almost done and they aren't done? I contact them again. They say that they just need to do the details.

My boyfriend contacts them in anger, because I was upset that it wasn't going to make it in time. "we are so sorry! we will ship EMS and return your money!"
They ship it, and it comes 1 day after the con <<; NOTHING was done! I didn't expect them to have full armor details, or anything! but they didn't make the armor, the accessories, the gloves or even the scroll holder! UGGGHH! I thought I could have the costume to wear next year, but noo.... oh well, at least they refunded. Luckilly, I had 2 other cosplays to wear at the con, but if not I would've been even more upset.
Comments: Overall, I don't think they are a bad company, but I was very upset with what they did to me. they lied about being almost done, too, which made me really mad.
Final Grade: D-
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