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Dude!!! It's Berry. :]
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Berrymon: L is a difficult character to crossplay as (believe me, I've done it!), mainly because so many girls crossplay as him that people (including me) are shocked when they see a real male L, so you have that working against you. I'd like to see if you in a different crossplay, or maybe even just straight up drag kinging (see my photos). Apart from that, I really think you can pass! Your only real problem is your uber-girly haircut, so I'd recommend hats, baseball or beanie (but only beanies with brims!). And I really think you can pass as Sasuke. You actually look quite a bit like him!
You are totally right about cosplaying L.
I'll try to take pictures drag
hahaha I would have thought my hair would be the opposite of being girly
here are some pics of how it looks from the sides
Off Topic: Sorry for showing off the food but I was happy when I bought them seeing it was the first time I had taste them. lol
oh and here are two pics i had with a beanie

Ahh! thanks that made me smile that i could pass Sasuke and that I quite look like him. lol
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