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I don't want to just feed the flames here, but I figured I should at least apologize for offending somebody.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize anybody would find the term offensive. I've never met somebody who was insulted by the it, so I had no idea. I, personally, do not believe that "in drag" is an offensive term in modern social language, but I recognize your argument and realize and it's the principal of the matter.
If you wish to say anything further about it, you can PM me, but I don't want this conversation to continue the forum.

Once again, I'm sorry it offended you, and would not have used the term if I had known that it would cause an argument.

o01101011, I think you could definitely pass. You have a nice face shape and eyes that work well for both female and male. With some contouring and maybe eyebrow darkening/thickening (depending on the character), I think you'd pass very well. (:
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