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Name of Commissioner: Dizzy Lizzy
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Link/ Toon Link from the Wind Waker - Wig
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: (going to take my own photos soon)
Timeline (how long your order took to process): July-Jan (my fault, though, due to late payment! ^^; Actually finished on October!)
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: I've always wanted to commission a wig from Lizzy, since I heard alot of good reviews about her. Since I cannot style a wig for the life of me, I thought it was about time to commission her. Lizzy is extremely friendly and prompt with her emails! She even gave me a couple emails of time periods where she will be unavailable to answer to my emails, which I found very responsible. She kept me through the progress of the wig every step of the way, showing me photos. I was always a picky commissionee, and she gladly toke my critique to improve the wig, and she did so beautifully. When she finished in October, I wasn't able to make the final payment due to the recession. She never rushed me on the final payment, and was very sweet and patient with me when I finally made it sometime in late December. She sent the wig quickly and the packaging was great! She even sent me a nice note about her experience making the wig and how to care for it. She also sent me home-made bath beads, which I cannot wait to try out, haha.

Final Comments: I have alot to learn from her, since she is always patient to her customers, and she is very prompt. Like stated, I am an extremely picky commissionee, but Dizzy Lizzy is someone you should go to to get the job done for your next wig!

Final Grade: A++

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