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Hmm oh my this is something i've been waiting for. I'm a book/videogamer cosplayer. Let's see...

- Egwene, Lanfear, Chiad, Shalon, or perhaps just a sister of an Ajah from Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time.
- Aravis from A Horse and His Boy (Chronicles of Narnia)
- Aramina from the Renegades of Pern
-Arra Sails - Cirque du Freak
- Lanen Kaelar or Aral from The Song in the Silence series by Elizabeth Kerner

And of course, anything else that comes to mind.

Future Cosplays

- Blood Elf Priest from World of Warcraft (hopefully Blizzcon 09)
- Night Elf Druid from World of Warcraft (Hopefully Blizzcon 09)

Note: Costumes may be switched to a alternate convention either due to lack of time or funds to finish.
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