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Name of Commissioner: Cosplaymagic
Website/ gallery:Cosplay
Character commissioned and series/video game: (full costume) Naruto Uzumaki-Naruto Shippuuden
Pros: Good communication and fast shipping. The costume is very nice, I have ordered from them before and the costume quality has always been good.
Cons: I ordered a large and it ended up being too big. The last costume I ordered from them was Edward Elric, I ordered it in medium and everything fit but the pants which were too tight. This time around I decided to pick a large sense I ordered a Sora costume from mooncostumes, and their sizing chart for men is pretty much the same. The Sora costume is slightly big, but not noticibly so. The Naruto costume just feels huge on me. The pants are fine but need to be hemmed cause they are too long. The jacket...well the sleeves are long and kind of baggy..and then the jacket is baggy around the waist area too and it's kind of long. The length doesn't bother me so much as the baggyness.
Overall:I do believe the costume can be fixed. The pants shoudn't be hard, and I think there is a lady in my town who does alterations. She took in my sister's wedding dress, perhaps she can take in the jacket and make it fit better. All in all, nice costume...and although it is big..I'd rather it be too big than too small. At least you actually have a chance of fixing it that way.
Grade: B-
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