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Originally Posted by Thia Fayne View Post
Oh, cool! And that's too bad, I would have loved to see a Lyanna and Rhaegar. I'm glad to see another Dany fany too Hehe, I haven't gotten around to planning quite yet... I'm probably going to buy a light blonde wig and sharpie in silver streaks maybe?

I really hope HBO picks it up too. \o/
Should have realized that the king of the Targ haters would say no, but it was worth a shot. Think a light blonde wig and silver sharpie might work, heard the silver sharpie gets a bit wonky. Check the sharpie thread in the wig forum before you start. Been looking online for fabric ideas for Lyanna, can I pm you links for a second opinion? If you have spare time that is. I really need to finish my costume con costumes and reread AGoT before I buy anything.
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