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Originally Posted by Iwiwal View Post
First off, love you guys, and it's great to be seeing more SC cosplayers pop up~! *waves*

On the topic of meet-ups, I know this is a ways in the future, but maybe mentioning it now will give people time to prepare. I'm hoping/planning to get people together at Furman University in Greenville during either the month of August or September of this year. I especially want to gather some Utena cosplayers and utilize the school's rose garden for shots, but the campus as a whole is gorgeous and would make a nice setting for just about any sort of cosplay, thus everybody and all-genres are totally welcome. Aside from all the old brick buildings, fountains, lake, bell tower, modern sculpture, etc, there's even a small Japanese garden and authentic Buddhist temple. So yeah, keep that in mind, and I'll make a separate thread for planning the meet-up when it's closer to time. :3

Maybe this time I can get real, serious pictures in Ruka? OR TOUGA. OR WHO EVER ELSE I CAN MAKE IN THREE DAYS.

Because apparently that's my new ability.....making Utena cosplays at 4AM the day before. @_@

*runs off to finish Touga for Saturday*
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