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Originally Posted by ryoogawa View Post
I finished Russia~! 8"D So much faster than I expected...

Though I'm still trying to convince my sister to be my Lithuania.... OTL It's not really working.
Kya~ Your Russia cosplay looks so awesome so far! *A* I gotta work on mine. lol OTL

Oh, i have a question for you guys if that's ok.

Chibiinubaka and i are going to be cosplaying China and Russia respectively. And we're both really short (which works out in a way because she's shorter than me by just a little), which is why i thought the idea of being a Chibi Russia. ;D

I'm currently trying to convince my guy friend to cosplay Hetalia with us and he told me to pick a country for him. The problem is, he's really tall compared to us. XD; (5'7" vs 5'1" OTL)

So i was wondering if you guys can give me a suggestion of who might be able to match his stature when he stands next to us. I was thinking of something ironic where he cosplays someone really short. ;D But i dunno. Should his cosplay be related to either China or Russia at all or should he be someone unrelated to us and just cosplay as someone tall?
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