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Momocon is love! Some general things:

Yes, they do have a Dealer's Room but it's tiiiiiiny. It's about the size of maybe two garages. Artist's Alley is like a bedroom. I really wish they could get a new venue, but such is the implicit cost of tying the con to a university. HOWEVER, the awesomest people ever show up! Friggen want Gurren Lagann and TWEWY! =D

Parking, there's a parking deck next to the convention center, but that usually fills up ultra quick, so you'll want to get there relatively early if you're driving. Momo's not 24 hours since it's at Georgia Tech, but I think they stay fairly late. It's not like you ought to be doing anything at 1 am anyways other than prepping for the next day (there are only two days - Sat and Sun - btw). But that means you can save on a hotel night?
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