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Originally Posted by kesshoutan View Post
I'm having trouble figuring out what is on Germany's collar (right in the middle) it's a + shape. Is it an Iron Cross? How would I attach that or is it a necklace/medal?

At this site the crosses have a pin back, but I don't know how/where it was actually worn or if Hidekaz just designed it there just because. (Wikipedia does say it could be worn on the 2nd button, but the image below looks like its on the very top).

-EDIT- Would you call it the Grand Cross? (ALSO, Wiki says a guy named Göring wore a Grand Cross around his neck in some photos)

According to what several people at the Hetalia LJ comm say, the cross he wears on his collar is the Iron Cross. Also, based on the comic, he wears the cross as a necklace (he gives one to Italy too). So i'm pretty sure you can make it into a necklace.

@ycysusan - Do u mean Taiwan in the Revolutionary war uniform? I don't think Hidekaz designed an outfit for that yet. O.o But i'm sure google has some ideas what the uniforms did look like.
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