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Name of Merchant: Wig Fashion


Item purchased: One waist-length pink wig and one short gray wig.

Links to picture(s) of your received item:
Don't have a photo of the gray wig, since I ordered it for a friend =]

Timeline: I paid in full using paypal upon checkout, so it only took about a week from buying to receiving. Very fast for a seller from China =] One thing to note is that since I bought two wigs together, I was eligible for their 20% rebate. I expected a somewhat slow response, but they got me the rebate the same day I emailed them! Very fast and reliable.

Describe your Experience. The long wig is very pretty and soft. =] Came in a nice package, and the free wig cap they give you is actually quite good. The gray wig had black fibres in it, which was not mentioned in the item description, but since I'm dyeing the wig a darker gray-blue, it really doesn't matter.

Final Grade: A+

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