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@loveshack: ooh you're making Celes' opera dress ^_^ that's so pretty! I wish you best of luck on Terra tho :3 do you know which version you're doing?? I'd love to see pics of the opera dress when it's done tho !

@luna: aww thanks ^_^! Lol yeah it wasn't anything too severe, but stuff like that always happens to me when I work on things ^_^;; I'm just natural clumsy lol ;;!

@senti: hmm I know there's a big list of sites that sell items for cosplay here at; the thread is here. If you look under "Hosiery, Leg wear, and bodysuits" there's a few sites that sell dancewear . I never bought from them before tho, but I'm sure other cosplayers have gone there and recommended it before from personal experience .

One thing you can also do (if you'd like to try and make your own unitard, otherwise skip) is get a simple one-piece bathing suit on clearance (especially now b/c they're off season) and do some dissecting to see the pattern pieces yourself .

edit-- Finally finished gluing on the gold parts of the bootcovers =X!! They look a tad messy, so I still gotta go back and do some finishing touches . Otherwise it was a success ^_^! I'm very very excited to basically have Terra all done finally!
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