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Originally Posted by loveshacktardis View Post
Yep, Celes will be debuted at Anime Boston '09 and hopefully I'll be singing the Aria too if everything works out! The bodice is almost finished - I got so tired and obsessed with finishing it last night that I started sewing my panels on backwards D:

I'm doing Dissidia Terra, btw
Oooh =O I love the Aria ^_^! I wish you best of luck :3!! Daww I always screw up sewing stuff XD; probably b/c of getting tired as well.

Awesome! I plan on making an Amano Terra in the future; I'm going for the super low plunging v-neck dress...but I'm gonna fix it slightly for modesty ^_^;;. That thing puts J-Lo's green dress to shame XDD;!

I'd really love to see how you do her boots tho =O Nomura went crazy with them lol!
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