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I'm not entirely sure where to even begin.

I'm usually not into movies like Repo, however there was something very appealing about the "atmosphere" of it.

After i picked it up and watched it 3 times in a row, something in my mind clicked and i came to peace with myself thinking "Wow, what an absolutely awesome movie".

I'm new to these forums, and I'm probably interrupting/intruding on someone else's forum post, if so i am sorry. I'm a noob

To the point of my post ^_^ sorry.

The character Nathan Wallace, the actual Repo man. Something about him i related to nearly the entire movie, and i was curious if anyone knew where i would even begin to fathom up this costume?

My height itself is fine, i stand 6'5 without shoes, and my build fits it i just....How? the costume was so in-depth and to me had a "fear" image like darth vader in a sense.

Hopefully i fit in well here :P I've been trolling around looking at all of your costumes. The blind mag is Excellent. Pavi scares me but very well done, and all the others as well. Graverobber is going to fit perfectly.

Well, i typed a near essay! Off to class.

Thank you.
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