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I LOVE these gloves!!!
Just dyed a shirt I found at Goodwill (original color was tan and just threw it into a Rit dyebath for 30 mins). I still plan on cutting the buttons off and tearing it open a little more.
The syringe was a lucky buy off ebay, it was barely $10!

I got my Reaper boots from Sweet n Sassy in the mail, but they were just a tiny bit too small and squashed my pinky toes, so I am sending them back for a larger pair. Just a note to anyone buying these, you cannot move your ankles in these boots whatsoever.
I bought a Danzig belt buckle from ebay, got it in the mail the day after this pic was taken. To anyone wanting one, the same seller lists one every night. Just check between 6-10PM central for their usual listing time, because they are usually bought with "buy it now" within a few hours.

My Z-Gun is also comming along, I am just trying to figure out good ways to include LEDs.
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