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that depends really,
you coooould make the actual armor bits for Sst yourself,
the way ive seen it done was:
get teh basic design/pattern of the armor, and basically unroll or flatten it out,
make wooden "masters" based on this pattern
vaccuform those to give you a mold,

use rubber in the mold to make the armor,
and roll/attach/whatever into the correct shape.

still a littttle pricy, but noowhere near the cost of a screen used suit

from the person who made it this way:

The armor was cast using Smooth-On VytaFlex 40 with black pigment added
the VytaFlex40 is thin like water and had to be thickened so I could brush it into the molds
the armor is backed with a foam sheet which had to be glued in with a smooth on adhesive
made for fixing torn urethane rubber molds because the adhesive that was on the foam sheet
would not stick to the VytaFlex40.
I did use the orginal polyurethane rubber and foam that was used to make the movie suits
but that material was very hard to use because it kicked to fast once it was mixed.
not mine not mine not mine, heres a few pics he posted:
wooden master, neck, front and back:
heres his vaccuformed molds:

all credit for this method, and those pics, goes to spartan648 over on teh 405th boards

edit1: also, not an colonial marine costumer YET, but eventually i hope to own a set of spats armor, its just the money i need first X_X

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