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I really only know where you can find blouses in Vancouver. The best place I can think of would be the H&M downtown. They don't really have anything loliable beyond accessories right now, but they do sometimes have really cute blouses. Also, stores like Mantique and Sakura may have some cute tops and accessories as well, but they would probably cost a little more. :S

Yeah, other then that, there's online & commissioning stuff...

edit: posted a little too late xP
Try H&M (there's one in Lougheed Mall, too), Urban Behaviour and
Mariposa for loli-able blouses. For cheap, adorable accessories, walk right past Claire's and go to Ardene. Value Village has an insane amount of mary janes at any given time. As far as skirts, dresses and petticoats are concerned... that's where you would have to resort to local seamstresses or online purchasing.

If you're interested in lolita fashion and would like to learn more, there's a lovely lady hosting a lolita fashion show at Anime Evolution this year. There are a good number of local seamstresses participating in the event, so it would be a good opportunity to get to see what you could have commissioned locally.

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