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No nonononono.. They have a terrible reputation, and a deserved one. The reason why they have 100% feedback is because they were forced to delete their old e-bay store and start a new one due to their bad reputation even on e-bay (they may have been kicked off over copyright disputes filed by the brands who own the stock photos). It used to be called Momo's Handicrafts Store. Here is an example of their less than stellar work. They use shoddy materials, crap lace, and use stolen stock photographs from real lolita brands to peddle their poorly made replicas. Indeed, they make replicas of replicas, stealing stock photos from Bodyline and F+F. There are some people who have good experiences, but the negative outweigh the good ninety to one.

E-bay is not somewhere you want to shop for lolita, period. If you want to commission a dress and be assured of getting a quality, well fitting product, e-bay is the last place you want to go. That's why we never mentioned it in giving you links or suggestion to places to commission from ^_^;; Also, 100% reputation on an e-bay store when it comes to lolita honestly means nothing. Lots of people buy really shoddy, terribly ugly and not very lolita clothing on e-bay and are perfectly happy with their item. Mainly because they are cosplayers or non-lolita afficionados, and have no idea that they are receiving a sub par quality item.

TL&DR stay away from e-bay, unless you're buying second hand lolita brand, and even then you need to be sure you're not getting scammed and are buying the genuine brand garment.
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