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Hi Gang,
all good ideas so far, and I know that a few of them are on the list.
so keep em coming.
our programming head is not on

feel free to send her ideas

Sharon Landrum <>

and I will forward stuff to her as well.

If you've already registered, then you should have gotten the programming survey . feel free to fill that out and send it to Sharon as well.'
AND just as important, if you see something listed here that YOU know how to do, please let Sharon know that as well.
we are getting so many new people this year, it's tough for us to know who would be a good teacher.

and Trixy, sad to say, there's aren't any haunted attractions anywhere near the con that are open all year round, just in October.

so you'll still just have to join us here at Castle Blood in the fall. you too Aurora.

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