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Styling Larxene Wig ~ Tutorial

I know that some people can have a hard time with styling a Larxene wig, so I thought I might help out those of you who want to cosplay her (there are too few in my opinion) and may want help in styling a wig for her. The hair glues I used can be bought at Wal-Mart or Zellers. I paid $5 CDN for the spiking glue, and $7 CDN for the spray.

Of course, I'm going to show how I styled the Larxene wig that I did for a friend of mine.

What I Used:

Blond Jesus wig (try to get a wig without a part instead, that's pulled back)
2 pieces of thin copper wire [yes, I used wire]
Got2b glued spiking glue
Got2b glued Blasting Freeze Spray

To the steps!!

~~If you bought a wig that has a part (like I did), do this so that you can have it pulled back:
First, separate the strands of hair that you are going to use for the antennae (put clips in them to hold them away if necessary) and then take the strands of hair in the middle and smooth them back over the wig, trying to cover the part. Once you've figured out how you want the hair that's going to be pulled back, take a fair amount of the spiking glue, and run it through the middle hair, and only there so that it stays that you only get that. Use a hairdryer set on low to set the glue and train the fiber hair to go a different way.


Those of you who didn't buy a wig with a part, you still need to separate the strands you're going to use for the antennae. Make sure they are equal amounts, and at equal points on the wig! Start with one side first.

Take the desired side you want to start with, the antennae first of course. Now this is where the wire comes in. Spread the hair just behind the first antennae so that the net of the wig is exposed. Loop one end of the wire through a whole and up on beside it (in front or behind it, not beside) and make sure it's a tiny amount you put through. Secure it by twisting the end around the part of it that's going to loop up and over the wig. With the other end, do the same thing. Place to as would be best for you. Adjust the height and curve if necessary. If it seems like it's falling to the side, simply adjust the wire by moving it up on the wig a little bit.

Take the clip out of the antennae (if you've done that) and wrap it tightly around the wire, trying to cover as much as possible. Again, using the spiking glue, use a considerable amount on it, applying liberally along the entire thing. Use the hair dryer again on low. You will have to hold the middle of the antenna with one hand so that it stays. Leave it for a few minutes and spray with the Blasting Freeze Spray.

Now for the side below the antenna that you've just done. Pull it back a little, making sure to keep the net covered as much as possible (don't want that showing through, especially if you have dark hair). Use the spray liberally to hold it in place, using your free hand to smooth it out. Make sure that there's a small piece that comes down so you can do the piece that goes in front of her ear. Cut it and place it to how it should be for YOU.

On the back, use the spray gently, and leave the ends fluffy.

Repeat the process on the opposite side.


I hope this is of any use to anyone that wants to cosplay Larxene~!
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