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Originally Posted by Kirotighta View Post
I've never heard of them and just looked up their myspace, it seems as though they've got potential, I particularly like the dress bottom in the 4th row because of the print, and they seem to have the shape well enough there, though personally I would want a bit more room for poof. I think though that they need to get rid of the picture of the black, wrinkly Mary Magdalene replica, it looks pretty weird. Their jewelry looks very pretty though, I've been wanting a cameo on a peal necklace for a long time now, I might buy that from them.

Overall, I think they have great potential, and if their prices are comparable to In The Starlight when they do open, I think they can get a lot of business if they advertise well.

If you go to there myspace the owners page is up there. Her name is Penny-American Mom you should talk to her about it. I believe her dress go from $50-150. Her skirts are that price as well. Her blouses are $20-35. The necklaces,jewelry,and headdresses are $15-40. I belive those are her prices but you should add her and talk to her about it.
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