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Originally Posted by Pied View Post
21st floor! I was only on the seventh, and although all weekend I really didn't complain going up and down, I woke up this morning and the weekend seems to have caught up to my calves.
Lol, the same thing happened to me when I got home on sunday. I guess it's good that the pain was nice enough to wait until after the convention to come. XD

I haven't been at my computer long enough to upload photos yet I'll post them. I'm pretty sure I only got a picture of Axelis though. Aside from her, Teh Five, and Rainbow were the only one's I saw all week.

And sorry I couldn't make it to the meet ups, the opening ceremony or the Hitman Reborn. I was so unorganized this weekend.
All it takes is just one good anime convention.....
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