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Originally Posted by Ramen Pirate View Post
NarukuSon: Bwahahaaa!!
Thanks dude!!
I love my Rorschach!!
And your Son Goku hair is freaking EPIC!!

lol. Yea, I didn't even go to the beach on my Spring Break!.. XD
I spent the majority of it at home playing The Force Unleashed and Resident Evil 5...
Well, at least when I wasn't working on my costumes!!
Cuz I got my Jedi done!! (Sorry, I'm a hardcore Star Wars junky!!)
And my Luffy is just about done as well!!
I just need to finish sewing the edges of my vest and put my buttons on, and it'll be complete!!
I also finished reading the entire Death Note manga, updated myself on One Piece, and played my Nintendo 64!! Not much is better than sitting down to play some Donkey Kong... or Super Smash Brothers.. or Zelda!!.. Or Star Wars- Pod Racers!! OR Jet Force Gemini!!!! OR POKEMON SNAP!!!!!!..... *pant*pant*pant*... Um... sorry. I got excited for a second there!...
It was pretty amazing actually,though I didn't spend much time with any of my friends!..

Baaa! Who needs human friends when you can have a Ditto?!.. or a Snorlax!!

Thanks! Haha, and I want to do the DragonBall X One Piece cross over... Want to do it sometime?
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