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Which Camera should I buy?

I'm switching my major, in college, from Exercise Physiology to Photo Illustration. In doing so, I have to purchase a camera plus a MacBook Pro. Obviously, I'm into cosplaying, I cosplay myself, and I would like to take some photos at cons and etc.
The camera's below are the only options the school of Visual Comm. Design gave me. If at all possible, can I get pro's and con's for each brand from users of the bands and which one would be best in my situation. (I guess, what is a good camera that I can photograph cosplay with as well as normal stuff) And is there anyway I can find those camera's cheaper than the prices the School gave me?

Nikon D 200 (with 18-70mm lens) 10.2 mega-pixels $1900
Nikon D 80 (with 18-135mm lens) " " $1100
Canon 5D (with 24-105mm lens)12.8 megapixels $3400
Canon 30 D (with 17-85mm lens) 8.2 mp $1500
Canon 30 D (28-135mm lens) " " $1300

Thank you so much!
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