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Official Texas Cosplayer Finder Thread

Woot! I'm back =) I had lost internet there for a while lol
Ok I have updated everything and changed the system a bit.If you don't like where you have been placed please tell me! =D (I tried to place everyone near the major cities)

Also I'm not done yet D= I just have to take a break...been working on updating for a few hours.


DFW AREA seto_kaiba_36 dustyG Shinobi_Misa Calin Solen TR Rose Celyddon p1ng butterpecan Squeesax shibbyness

PLANO/ALLEN crimsonvz DetentionMisfit pookairi_kakuzu agitosorayaoi

CARROLLTON ACME-Rian p1ng pookairi_kakuzu Celyddon xxHeartBrokenxx Enasni Koru Foxmore CrazzedShinobi kuronekoXIII so lyke raaawr MewMewRith Keitorin Cogetas Wynfor

HOUSTON GothicChii989 FE Freak KatieElric-Chan KaByakuya Akatsuki2008 kaibacorp345 Kawaii Pocky princessrei Requiem Breaker Heimdall Rabid.Munky piplool wanbo626 Bindusara toshirua3846384

SAN ANTONIO Elysian FaithInDeidara fancycars oreska2 CHocoLateXD

AUSTIN Femme_Auteur MomoHinamori24 xime FyreGothChylde AjTheSilent axel8 NikkiLeeHALE Emmyla


Austin Cosplay Raiders (Link??? O-O)

EL PASO Berrymon

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