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Originally Posted by goldenvaulter View Post
Nikon D 200 (with 18-70mm lens) 10.2 mega-pixels $1900
Nikon D 80 (with 18-135mm lens) " " $1100
Canon 5D (with 24-105mm lens)12.8 megapixels $3400
Canon 30 D (with 17-85mm lens) 8.2 mp $1500
Canon 30 D (28-135mm lens) " " $1300

Thank you so much!
All of them can be used for cosplay photography and normal photography. However, your school's price list seems out of date.

The Nikon D200 is no longer in production. Its successor is the Nikon D300. For about $2000, you can now get a new Nikon D300 with a 18-135mm lens.

Alternatively, you can buy a used camera. A used D300 can be bought for about $1350:

A refurbished Nikon D200 is sold here for $800. n+d200

You can also buy used lenses as well from these places.

Likewise, the Nikon D80 has been discontinued. The Nikon D90 is its successor. You can visit the websites above and find the prices.

Note: I have bought from both B&H and Adorama (online and at the physical store), so they are legitimate businesses.

Having used a D200, the primary weaknesses of the camera are "short" battery life and noise performance above ISO 800. If you shoot in RAW mode and use a Vibration Reduction (VR) lens, expect to use up most of the battery in about 500-800 shots, instead of a typical 1000+ shots. If you use the D200 above ISO 800, expect to see some noise. But those weakness never really bothered me too much, since I do not shoot professionally. You can go to Flickr and see usable photographs from the D200.

I cannot say anything about the Canons, as I have not used them, but those prices are also a bit out of date.

As tfcreate mentioned, if you can visit a store locally that carries these cameras, the store should have a display model for you to play around with.

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