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Name of Commissioner: Use
Website/ gallery: (Chinese)
Character commissioned: Mikoshiba Shouta of DOLLS
Links to picture: Her picture:
Timeline: Around a year?
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

Use is a commissioner located in Taiwan who also does coslay photography. I always heard good things about her so when she opened a commission for DOLLS uniform, I placed one. She is not a cheap commissioner, the set of hat, jacket, belt, pins, armband, holsters... etc add up to about $250 with another $50 or $60 in shipping. But I simply rather get a full set that matched because I'm ADD.

Communication is as good as possible when both parties were having health issues (she have chronic eye problem). It was a new experience for both of us as she never commissioned for someone out of Taiwan (she usually ask the buyer to stop by her office for a fitting, obviously because I'm in USA, I couldn't do that) and I've never bought directly from a Taiwnese commissoner before. But it felt like we were both figuring out how to make it work (she doesn't accept PAYPAL, what post service to use... etc) together so it wasn't an annoying experience and we constantly kept each other updated as to what's going on on each side of the pacific.

When the cosplay got lost in the mail the first time, she made another set and set it to me with, paying for increased shipping out of pocket (which I will be paying her back.) The fitting isn't exactly the best as I wasn't there, but it is to be expected. Her way of sewing isn't what I would do, but it works so I'm happy. I would gladly work with her again, although I might want to be in Taiwan the next time I try.

Final Grade: A

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