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Name of Commissioner: smplmnfly (Ebay ID) aka Delilah's Keep
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned: A pirate shirt
Links to picture: Will update later
Timeline: 1 week
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

I needed a pirate-like shirt, and i figured it was easier for me to order one than to make one. I couldn't find the exact one I need, but when I saw the shop with it's similar items and promise to custom make the size, I send them a note asking it if was possible to modify their designs into something I need. They said okay and I ordered it. Giving them the measurements and my requirements.

They work extremely fast, I got the product within a week of paying. The only thing I would complain about them is that the material is a bit thin and see-through, but it is fine with me as I am wearing a jacket over the shirt anyway. The work is also not the most clean as I had to snip a little bit of lose thread here and there. But the important thing is, they did everything I asked them to do and we talked about. So I would gladly use them again... just might ask them to use a thicker fabric next time for the white.

Final Grade: A

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