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If I'm able to go to it I can go as Allelujah Haptism since I'm dressing up as him to the AX
What day will it be?
Shizuo was here!
Seems like you're not the only one who can hack Fleaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Well Shizzy, I don't think I would consider you changing my signature hacking. Anyways it looks like my cosplays for the anime expo are somewhat stable now
Day 1:Terezi Pyrope(Prospit)
Day 2:Terezi Pyrope
Day 3:Izaya Orihara(Regular, Kanra, and *Stepsister*
Day 4:Gamzee Makara(Scratched)
They shouldn't be changing now since I'm no longer home. Unless I take one off and just repeat a previous.
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