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The Commissioner Review Thread

2. QQ
Kingdom Hearts 2: Riku
Worn: Katsucon and to date
Pros: Cheap Price, good quality cosplay. She was very good with keeping up with my stupidity when it came to paypal. She was amazing when it came down to sizing and everything was well. I was happy to accept her finished work.
Con: Unfortunately, some things aren't accurate. The vest is a little to light and missing a few things, plus they are missing the studs on the ends of the collar. the undershirt wasn't made to accuracy as it didn't open from the bottom and top.
The pants were an off color and too tight.
Comments: She is very fair for what she asks. The costume itself is nearly indestructable and takes a good beating. I wore it for 4 days and wear parts of it as normal fashion.
Final Grade: B-
[I don't have a picture of me wearing it except in others galleries. XDD]
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