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Yep, the cosplaywig one. And Jessi-chan, they do have one available right now:

I was so excited when they relisted it the beginning of April; I had been stalking it since February. *zips off to go take pictures*


Erm. The wig is pretty, and soft, and fits, and the color is amazing, but the back just sucks.

They did not make a proper backpart; it looks to me like they just made the fiber in the middle all ratty for volume. It's so curled and deformed right next to the netting that I'm afraid of taking it down and brushing it to put it back up. The ponytails are also a little too long, and a little too ringlet-y. I went and adjusted the bangs so they were accurate, and it looks pretty swell from the front, but with the back... I don't think I'll be wearing this out in public.

TL;DR, the cosplaywig for Oerba ain't worth your money.
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