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Originally Posted by haru_sohma_lvr View Post
Does this work with regular hair? [like, if I wanted to color my hairline.]
Yes, it does. Some of my friends dark hair was popping out from under her wig by her ears, and so I did the same process to that hair, glueing it back and then painting over it.

My only advice is to make sure you only get paint on the parts of your hair that's covered by the glue, otherwise you're going to have tons of fun trying to wash acrylic paint out of your hair for a couple days. I obviously don't recommend doing it to your entire head, but an inch of so of your hairline should be fine ^^

Originally Posted by CCKip View Post
Anyway, I tried it and I could seem to completely cover my eyebrows...which are like blackish brown. The blackish brown always kinda showed through...then again I rushed the drying process of the glue by using a hair you have to wait for the paint to dry before it actually looks good?
You probably are not getting enough glue onto your eyebrow. Have you tryed applying glue while your hair is brushed against the grain (comb your eyebrows towards your nose so that you can get glue closer to the roots of your eyebrow hair) Then comb them back to neaten them out. Then apply a layer of glue ontop if you feel it might help and try the paint.

Or a couple extra layer of the paint couldn't hurt. ^^ I hope this helps.
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