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Name of Merchant -- human_go
Item Purchases: Gino Weinburg
Link to costume: (Will post when I get camera).
Timeline: 1&1/2 months roughly
Describe your Experience: Well I had previously purchased a lovely Vampire Knight uniform from them and thought I'd order again with similar results...wrong. I ordered a Gino cosplay from Code Geass in early November. I did not receive it because it was not registered with the shipping company and got lost, even though I paid for shipping insurance. I contacted them in December and they remade the costume but took another 6 months to remake it. When it finally arrived, the gloves were not included, the pants were 2 sizes too small. (I have given them my measurements before and the first time they fit perfectly). The gold trim was starting to fray on the white jacket, the black shirt included was too short in the sleeves, and their were supposed to be gold buttons with drooping length of chain across the front of the white jacket but they were plastic buttons and bits of frayed ribbon right crappily together. The cape is the most was supposed to flow to the floor but only comes slightly past my knees, it also has very poorly shown square shoulders that do not fit my shoulders and just stick up. The cape is supposed to be slightly square but it must rest of the shoulders and not pop up like this one does. Overall, I am very dissappointed after I paid a good price for it and waited for 7 months to have them remake it, when they forgot to register it with the post office. I don't reccomend them for anything detailed.

Pros: None, other than actually receiving the incomplete, shoddy cosplay 7 months later...

Final grade: D
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