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Name of Commissioner: china anime

Website/ gallery

Character commissioned and series/video game: NGE girl's school uniform

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Timeline: 18 days from purchase

Describe your Experience.

Wow! I honestly was not expecting this kind of quality when I bought this costume! I literally got it for only $30 shipped and I forsee it being one of my favorite costumes from now on! Everything is fully lined, the construction is really superb and the cloth they used is so comfortable and sturdy! I am really impressed. The important parts of the costume fit absolutely perfectly and I could not be more happy with it considering how much I got it for. Seriously, this kind of craftsmanship in 18 days for $30 is insane. I am so happy with this!

Cons: I only have two problems with this cosplay and they're both pretty insignificant. One is that I'd prefer the waist to be a bit higher, and two is that I'd like the red tie to be a bit shorter. But both of those are really easy fixes, and the waist problem was probably from a mistake in my measurements. :B And since the tie isn't attached to the costume, I can just get something a little shorter and a littler sturdier. :3

Comments: I really want to reiterate how wonderful the quality of this cloth is... I absolutely love it! When I first tried this costume on I actually thought to myself, "man, I could wear this every day!" but then I realized people would look at me funny. XD

Oh, also, I think I got this costume at a special sale price or something because they are selling it for $45 now, but seriously guys it is SO worth the price. Even that is a steal.

Final Grade: A

Edit: Oh, also, I don't know if this was a mistake but I also got a free Haruhi Suzumiya headband with this costume. XD

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