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CC-27 logistics

So here we go, down the home stretch. I know a lot of the committee will start arriving late wednesday, into thursday morning.

Because there are so many new folks from here coming, I thought I would go over a few things to let you all relax

1st, this is not like a regular con, even tho it's gonna look like one. imagine a con where everyone is all about trying to help you, and make you look good.
Hopefully that is what CC ( every CC) is.
you won't be vying for space with the gamers or filkers, or any other sub group, no matter how fun they are.
this will be all costumers all the time.

2nd, We are the only function in the hotel. from first thing friday morning, till first thing monday, we have ALL the function space. So, no, there won't be any business meetings, weddings or worse, for us to deal with. there may well be other hotel guests, but not many, you guys have mostly bought out the hotel.

3rd, the hotel WANTS us there. in fact we just got a message from them today asking if it was okay for their staff to dress up. There has been a shake up of hotels in this area, and because they were good to us, we got them lots of other business, so they are gonna be very nice to everyone.

4th, the hotel is short. yup, not gonna have elevator wars, or waiting for all of them to get back from the 18th floor.

5th, you're not gonna get lost. EVERYTHING other than your sleeping room ( please sleep at some point) is on one main level. All events, all classes, workshops, con suite, hang out area, con reg, masq reg, green rooms, EVERYTHING.
Imagine a backwards L the vertical part is for all the events, the horizontal part is for dealers classes exhibits etc.. the point in the middle, is for all registration needs as well as where the atrium and con suite are.
So while you're hanging out, you can look in two directions and see everywhere you need to go.

6th, info, when you check in (which is easy to find) we'll look you up on the computer, if you pre regged, if not we'll have the reg form for you to fill out. you will then get your con badge, your program book, and your pocket program. AND if you pre regged late, your fashion folio will be waiting for you as well.

7th Pubs, the program book has detailed descriptions of all the classes. the pocket program, as well as the tower of knowledge in the atrium, will have all the times of the classes and events

any other questions, feel free to ask, either here, or privately at
I will be checking here and at my regular email till 10pm tuesday. after that, I will be on the road or at con.

please swing by if you see me and introduce yourselves.

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