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Sorry to double post but this is to seperate some clarification on regions of Texas.

DFW area (and some of the surrounding area, not too far west or south or east) is considered North Texas (or north central). The Panhandle is.. well the panhandle (not north texas). West Texas is fairly obvious. Central Texas is usually what you would call the hill country and is smack dab in the middle of the state (think Temple/Belton, Kileen, Lampassas, Austin, etc.). South Texas is like San Antonio down to the coast. Northeast Texas... think Paris and all of those things going up on I-30 (when you're out of Dallas) towards Arkansas. Southeast Texas is like College Station/Houston/Galveston. I guess the middle part of all that you could call just East Texas lol (I do XD).

Just posting this because I've noticed a few posts that are kinda off on the regions.

There is also this map but its a bit more detailed then what we've got here: (like, North and west central I would consider all of northcentral texas, and the panhandle doesn't come down that far (and where it falls below the panhandle is part of west texas).

I totally don't mean to be anal with this, but this is just to keep from confusion.
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