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Originally Posted by goldenvaulter View Post
Thank you everyone for you advice! I really appreciate it. I found, or rather my parents found, a Nikon D 300 for me that is under $1000. It's used of course, but I'll bet it will get me through school. Thanks so much!
Wow!!!! Yay!!!! The D 300 is a great camera that is what I use!!! That is an amazing price you got there too! Remember with photography a lot of elements that have to come together to make a great photo...your subject, lighting, background, composition, etc. and very important is your equipment and the settings on your equipment! Some pros may disagree however in photography if you have a crappy camera and a good photographer you may get a picture that is alright however if you have an amazing camera and a photographer who knows what they are doing you'll have photos beyond compare!

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