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Originally Posted by missrelena View Post
I hate to admit this. . . but I haven't seen 00 yet. (Please don't lynch me!) I know, I'm a bad Gundam fan.

So how does Saturday afternoon/evening sound to everyone?
LOL its okay. no your not a bad gundam fan. Theres just too many diferent seasons.
Sounds good to me:3
Shizuo was here!
Seems like you're not the only one who can hack Fleaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Well Shizzy, I don't think I would consider you changing my signature hacking. Anyways it looks like my cosplays for the anime expo are somewhat stable now
Day 1:Terezi Pyrope(Prospit)
Day 2:Terezi Pyrope
Day 3:Izaya Orihara(Regular, Kanra, and *Stepsister*
Day 4:Gamzee Makara(Scratched)
They shouldn't be changing now since I'm no longer home. Unless I take one off and just repeat a previous.
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