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so, I had a very quick reaction to all the comments about turning over my hem.
I thought I might be nuts, so I wrote a few folks that have workmanships judged and asked them.
here was the consensus.

The workmanship judge had better be able to know enough to know what the insides look like FROM the OUTSIDE

if the overall sewing seems really well done, wasting times on hems that look FINE from outside is, well, a waste of time. Especially when
a- time is crunched
b- there are so many cool things on the costume, that sometimes at the cc level we assume you can properly hem a skirt.( depending on skill division)

we can tell pretty soon, what the level of the skill of a costumer is when they walk up to us. and I would bet that plenty of hems got looked at because that was the only thing TO look at.

I hope this makes sense.

It's so nice to see that workmanship is so important to so many people now, when it used to be such an afterthought, and not an every convention thing.

and my comments are just for the SF/F. I assume all seams are important in the historical, since you have to reproduce period techniques so often

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