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I have to agree with Crazy Flower that CCon isnít for everyone - it's only for those who care about workmanship and improving their costumes. Those people should go whenever they have the opportunity. I hope that everyone from who went this year will spread the word.

On the lulz-o-meter, it was not the most fun Iíve ever had at a con (that would be PAC) but it definitely out-classed every other con Iíve been to for being organized and informative. The con staff was incredibly friendly and helpful and always easy to find. Everything ran smoothly and on time. I liked the hotel. It was easy to get to and there was a grocery store (and a liquor store P: ) within easy walking distance. I was amused to see that there was also a craft store within walking distance Ė useful for last minute costume emergencies! The hotel had a nice exercise room (Iím at the age where itís use it or lose it). I was also able to get both a microwave and a mini-fridge for our room for a one time fee of $15 each which was a huge time and money saver. There was plenty of room to move around the hallways and rooms where the events were held and I liked the central gathering place in the atrium. I personally thought that the atrium worked well for main events given the number of attendees.

I have only a single very minor criticism regarding the facility. The moveable partition separating the rooms Chesapeake 1 and 2 was not at all sound proof. The sound from the panel next door was distracting, especially when that panel was being run by someone who is *ahem* geared *ahem* towards projecting from a stage.

I loved the scheduling. It was great to be able to eat dinner without missing anything. I also loved that there was nothing scheduled against the masquerades. It was nice to have events where you knew that basically everyone at the con was sharing in the experience.

The main reason that I went to CCon was to learn things. And learn I did. Basically, I went to panels all day. In any given time slot I almost always had to choose between two things that I wanted to see. The panels I attended ranged from very good to OMG amazing. My favorite panels were the EL Wire/LED demo, the fiber-reactive dyeing workshop and the draping demonstration. Dina, who ran the last one, was fabulous. She had run a number of other panels earlier that I didnít go to in favor of other things, sewing being the one aspect of costuming that I feel pretty confident about, but if the draping one had been first I would have gone to all her other ones.

The second reason that I went to CCon was to meet all the people that Iíve been running into online for the last couple of years. It was great fun to finally meet everyone IRL. Iím not even going to list people because I met so many, I know that Iíll leave someone out! It was wonderful to see you all.

The only minor disappointment for me was that I wished Iíd been able to talk to more folks, the historical costumers especially. But then I also wish that Iíd been able to talk even more to the people as well. There just arenít enough hours in the day! I think that next time rather than watching the masquerades, Iíll volunteer to work the green room or clerk for the workmanship judges to maximize my opportunities to talk shop with people.

As for when next time will be, Iím afraid that Milwaukee isnít in the cards. Even if it werenít out of driving range for me, real life is going to be crazy next spring. As of right now though, I have every intention of being at CC29 in New Jersey, though hopefully I will see at least some of you before then at other cons.

Finally, one last thank you to Ricky, Marty, their staff and all the panelists for putting on such a great event! I hope that you felt that all your hard work was worth it. I sure did!
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