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Hello Jellos! North Texas cosplayer Shibby Ness from The Richardson/Garland area I'v been going to Kons in Texas for about 10 years and cosplaying for 9 years. I plan on attending A-kon 20 and I wouldn't mind us(me and my hubby) doing a photoshoot. It sounds fun! I wanna do some new things at A-kon this year beside the normal panty raids, hotel partys, "dance"(aka the rave). btw there is a photshoot thread in the A-kon event forum.

Also for those interested; I have a room at A-kon in which I will be serving sake shots for 21+ people maybe w/ a donation of $1 per shot or something from everyone to keep the party going, but I'm not selling it cuz I kno the Kon rulez. So come party!!!
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