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Originally Posted by Enkai View Post you know if by color matching acrylic paint with a person's skin tone if you can fake thinner brows? I get that foundation won't work over top, but I consider myself pretty good with color matching; I think I could get a color quite close to their skin tone and be able to blend the rest in with powder.
Yes, you can use this tutorial to change the shape of your eyebrows. I took out my paints and glue and managed to make my right eyebrow completely disappear under skin coloured paint, glue and makeup. I will probably be putting up a tutorial this week to help those who want to make their eyebrow disappear or change their eyebrow shape, but in case I do not have enough time,
- make sure there is plenty of glue covering the bottom edge of your eyebrow, since you'll probably be wanting to thin the eyebrows away from the eyes.
- Be patient when mixing the paint, just because it matches your concealer makeup, does not mean it matches your skin.
- I know you'll want to try to paste on coverup makeup right overtop the glue, or mix some liquid makeup into your paint to match the colour easier. Do not do this, start with glue, then paint. Once the paint is completely dry, blend in the paint better by applying concealer to your eyebrow and surrounding area up to your forehead with a makeup sponge, NOT your fingers. You can also use copious amounts of powder on top XD It was a very fiddly process, but I adored the outcome. I wish you luck, haha.

Originally Posted by Dango! View Post
I was wondering:
1. Will it drip/smear if I sweat? If I sweat and accidently blot/run the back of my hand against the eye brows?
2. Will white school glue work? [Elmer's kind.]
1. No, acrylic paint drys much like a latex plastic. It will stay on unless you literally wash the glue off from underneith. No smearing or dripping, I promise XD Think of it as coloured gel, only less see through and longer lasting.
2. Yes, Elmer's school glue will work, I have also used it.

Originally Posted by skydragon119 View Post
it is a spachial color (for mekup) or just reguler paint ???
becuse i nide to make main blonde to
It helps to bring your wig to a store and match it to a colour of paint. The colour used in the tutorial was "Honeycomb" from the paint brand "Folkart" mixed with a little bit of white paint to make it more blonde coloured.
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