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Originally Posted by ohsosilly View Post
I keep hearing about how circle lenses can damage your eyes; I was wondering if you knew this was true? I know that there are some brands that are FDA approved, but even then, can you trst that they wont' damage your eye? D:
Bottom line: Any contact lenses can damage your eyes. The key is to properly handle and care for them so you don't damage your eyes.

Circle lenses are slightly larger than regular contact lenses but smaller than full-eye sclera lenses. A dark limbal ring, the outer ring around the iris, is on the edge thus making your eyes look larger.

Being that circle lenses are larger than normal lenses, they are not designed to be worn for extended periods of time, like more than 5 hours at a go. The most common problems people have with any contact lenses are improper cleaning/storage, improper fit, and not taking out lenses if they irritate the eyes.

Circle lenses are obviously very popular in Asia. All the people who've worn them haven't gone blind or suffered eye damage so not ALL circle lenses are bad. I'd be most concerned about receiving counterfeit lenses made from sub-par, unsafe materials.

However, a visit to the eye doctor can procure the FDA-approved lenses you mentioned and all the information needed proper wear, care, and handling of circle lenses. Good luck!
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