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Originally Posted by Rekka View Post
There's an active Gijinka board and quite a few old Pokemon-related boards, but what about the human characters? So this board is just for the HUMAN characters of Pokemon from the anime and video games. Not the creature cosplays...there's a lot of those out there if you search for them, and some of them include trainers, but this board is for people like me who just want to focus on trainers.

And with that out of the way...

I'm thinking about a trainer cosplay in the near future. Perhaps of Lucian, Will, Riley, or Wallace. Not sure on which yet.

Anyone else?
I'm going as him for Anime North. I'm also going to be a Pokemon Ranger. I find the trainers a lot easier to do than the actual Pokemon themselves. Not sure why...

Originally Posted by Allyieh View Post
ah, i was looking for this thread! ^_^

i was actually wondering if anyone knew a good website which listed all the characters. like, game sprites/show costumes.
Platinum, D/P.

Originally Posted by Raknorak View Post

That has bios of the Anime characters. A couple of the pictures are dead though. Just giving a litle bit of help.
That works too.

Originally Posted by cdaja View Post
With the recent announcement of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, I think my boyfriend and I are going to do the male and female trainers from those games (once artwork is released).
That could be for a while...

Originally Posted by Lawlienvy View Post
I'm cosplaying Jun / Pearl, the rival from D/P and platinum. 'Xept I'm cosplaying the D/P one. D:
His english name is Barry now.

Yeah, I've realized that cosplaying as the trainer characters is somewhat easier. Riley is deceptively easy.

Past Cosplays
Pokemon: Pokemon Ranger Jackie (outfit design + batonnage capture styler), Pokemon Trainer Riley, Lugia gijinka (Silver colouring to promote Soul Silver)
VALVe: Gordon Freeman (scientist outfit - pre-"unforseen consequences" + crowbar)

Future Cosplays:

VALVe: HEV suit Gordon Freeman (crowbar/Gravity Gun [haven't decided]
Pokemon: Zoroark, [improved] Lugia gijinka, "N"
BlazBlue: Jubei
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