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I'm doing Ash's/Satoshi's Sinnoh outfit!!! My boyfriend is triyng to decide between Pual or Gary's Sinnoh outfit/Generation 1's leafgreen and firered outfit.

Regarding future cosplays(I got TONS I wanna do!):

I want to do Riley, Sir Aaron/Ash in Sir Aaron's outfit, Brendan(both Ruby and Emerald outfits), Maid-Ash(yeah, that's unavoidable), Ashley/Satoko, Richie/Hiroshi, Leo/Wes(Colusseum), Ryuuto/Michael(Gale of Darkness), Harley, Drew/Shuu, Wally, and Tory(movie).

I know, I'm a girl and they're all guys! But there's one girl I really want to do:
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