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Name: CuteKawaii Commission Gallery:

Character Commissioned: Travis Touchdown from "No More Heroes" (Red Jacket + Belt Pouches)

Picture of finished commission:

Timeline: Contacted by CuteKawaii via an ad I placed on the Marketplace on February 2nd, Arrived May 13th, in plenty of time for the London Expo xD

Pros: Well, it's absolutely gorgeous xD I thought it felt a bit wierd at first, but that's only because i'm pretty used to wearing jackets that are a good bit too big for me ^^; The stripe design on the back and shoulders is absolutely perfect, and it just generally fits like a glove! The belt pouches are brilliant too, just like the game!

Cons: Weeellll, if I had to say something, it would be that the pouches don't have a clasp/popper, something to hold it shut. But that's no big deal at all :P

Overall: A+, will definitely come straight back to you next time I need a commission! xD

London Expo May '10
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