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Originally Posted by cdaja View Post
Actually, just posted some so-so scans of the trainers this morning here. Of course, after seeing this, I think we're leaning toward my boyfriend doing the new version of Gold and me doing the old version of Kris...because that hat is terrible. =x

It does look like your starter might follow you around in these games, so that makes me even more excited about making plushies to carry! =D
I know, I just saw that... then I forgot where to post the information...

Past Cosplays
Pokemon: Pokemon Ranger Jackie (outfit design + batonnage capture styler), Pokemon Trainer Riley, Lugia gijinka (Silver colouring to promote Soul Silver)
VALVe: Gordon Freeman (scientist outfit - pre-"unforseen consequences" + crowbar)

Future Cosplays:

VALVe: HEV suit Gordon Freeman (crowbar/Gravity Gun [haven't decided]
Pokemon: Zoroark, [improved] Lugia gijinka, "N"
BlazBlue: Jubei
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