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The Convention Planner has several bugs. When you're logged-in and click on "Planner" <> from the secondary top menu (the one with Account, Photos, Costumes, etc), it goes to 2009. However, there ids a separate "Planner" <> within the User Control Panel, and that goes to 2008. And with that one you can't select 2009.

The reason I even got to the Control Panel's version of the Planner was because I added Otakon to my convention list, but noticed that it was listed twice for 2009. I clicked on "delete" to remove it from my list, clicked "yes" to confirm, then I was redirected to the control panel planner. Otakon is listed twice, once as conid 1386 and again as conid 1560.

I've noticed that other cons are listed twice as well. Animethon as conid 1498 and 1603. Mini Animania as conid 1460 and 1522. Anime Detour as 1430 and 1432. Just to name a few. Looks like you need to merge the duplicates, then remove the extra entry.

Also, the main planner (which has 2009) lists 2007 and 2006 twice. Looks like there were some cut and paste errors.

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